February 16, 2015

Digital American West: A Round-Up

Every week Wiki Education Foundation features articles contributed by student editors in its "The Round Up" Series. Earlier this month, they featured contributions made about the American West in The Round-Up: History of The American West. Highlighting contributions made by students in Dr. Marilynn Johnson's American History West of the Mississippi class, the article features content related to gender and race as well as technology, consumer culture, and violence.

Many thanks to Dr. Johnson's students for contributing content about the American West to the public! Here on the blog we will be featuring student content of our own, especially content that considers religion alongside other social formations. If your class is contributing new digital resources about the American West, then we'd like to add that to our own round-up. Please bring your work to our attention at relamwest [at] gamil [dot] com.

"A pack train," Appleton's Guide to Mexico [1884], found here

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