January 28, 2013


by Brett Hendrickson

In this day and age, the humble listserv may feel like ancient technological history, but if you are not using this resource already, I recommend you check out the family of listservs called “H-Net.”  H-Net gathers over 100 discussion networks in the humanities and social sciences, through which academics circulate calls for papers, invitations to publish, announcements, and information about fellowships and grants. Additionally, the lists allow you to issue requests relating to your research.  Looking for an obscure source or housing near an archive? H-Net can often hook you up.  Subscribing to H-Net is free, and there are various levels of interaction with the lists to choose from.
A couple of the networks relate directly to the study of religion in the American West.  Of particular interest are:

H-AmRel “History of American Religion” (There are lots of good calls for papers on this one.)

H-West “History and Culture of the North American West and Frontiers” (True to form, this forum is full of crusty old western history professors as well as cutting-edge discussions about the West.)

Among others, you may also find these forums helpful:

So, check out H-Net! If you’re like me, what you really need is one more reason to mess around online and call it “work.”  You’re welcome! 

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Rev. Rachel Srubas said...

I <3 H-NewMexico.