December 7, 2012

Casual Friday: Kansas or Bust

Over on the Historical Society blog, there was a nice piece by Dan Allosso on Kansas, that large, but often forgotten state. He reminds readers that in the 1850s, the Kansas Territory once encompassed parts of Colorado and Wyoming. Thus, folks were headed to Kansas for what is now called the Colorado Gold Rush.

He also directs readers to the Kansas Historical Society website, which has lots of great online research tools, including "cool things"(like an image of an exoduster flyer & and image of Carrie Nation's hammer) and a digitized Historical Newspaper database.

Thanks to Cara Burnidge for the link!

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Cara said...

Thanks for posting!

I also suggest visiting the "Kansas Memory" section of the KSHS website. It has numerous digitized documents that demonstrate the influence of regional history on national history, like this letter from Lincoln: